Ex-student returns to encourage the next generation!

28th September 2021

On the 14th September, Ryan Smith visited to speak to Years 11, 12 and 13 students about Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  Ryan attended The Forest School from September 2012 and completed his A-levels in Maths, Physics and Computer Science in June 2019.  He is currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nottingham University and has received a scholarship with UKESF (UK Electronic Skills Foundation).  UKSEF is a charitable foundation with one aim:  “To encourage more young people to study Electronics and to pursue careers in the sector”.

Ryan spoke to the boys about the work that UKSEF do and how they help pair students and companies together that will sponsor a student to study every year as well as offer paid work placements be that summer or entire year.  The UKESF also offer access to mentoring and professional support and networking events to help build your future career.

Ryan also spoke to the students about the whole University process with a real emphasis on Personal Skills and being able to communicate and form connections with people. 

The students had loads of questions for Ryan about different types of Engineering pathways, which A-levels they should do, how much it cost to study, do they need work experience etc. 

Ryan shared with the students some of the projects that he has been working on in his two years at University (see images below):

  • Autonomous car (first year)
  • Inertial navigation car (first year)
  • Radar speed gun (second year)
  • Power supply (second year - more electrical engineering than electronics

It was an absolute joy to have an ex-student back speaking to our current students about his own experience and giving some guidance.  We would like to encourage other Alumni students to also come back and speak to our students about different career opportunities, some guidance about life after school and some general encouragement. 


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