My first week at The Forest...

28th September 2021

We asked a few of new Year 7 students what their first week at The Forest was like, and this is what they told us...

"My first week at The Forest was amazing!  I loved all of the subjects, especially the teachers.  My favourite 5 subjects are: PE, History, English, Art and Maths.  My tutor is brilliant she is always and happy and fun.  The food at The Forest School is delicious especially the cheese and ham panini’s.  I have made loads of new friends and I can’t wait to see where my future goes with this amazing school."

"My first week at The Forest was very enjoyable because I made lots of new friends and met up with some from my old school—I like it".

"My first week at The Forest was amazing!  Every single person that I met welcomed me and supported me.  I really enjoyed the food and the three 100 minute lessons instead of 6 lessons.  My form tutor is amazing and every morning when I come in she is the only person who can start my day properly, ready for what lies ahead.  All my teachers that I have had have been excellent and I have especially enjoyed: History, PE, Food and English".

"My first week was amazing and I made lots of friends.  The first few days I was nervous about the lessons but I’m now okay.  The teachers are kind and my form tutor, Mrs Briggs, is amazing!  I have enjoyed all the lessons and the canteen food is amazing and delicious".

"My first week was really nice and not that bad.  I was really dreading it because over the holidays I had a lot to do at home to keep me busy but, when I came to school I really like it—it’s like its my new happy place.  I like school, I really do".

"My first week at The Forest was good.  I like PE and Maths.  There are a lot of things to do in school, and a lot of school clubs after school.  I also like art because I get to learn new things".

"My first week of Forest, for me, was absolutely amazing!  My favourite subjects are: Art, History and Music because the teachers for those subjects are really kind, nice and helpful.  Also, my form tutor is just the best!  I really liked English as well because I liked studying The Northern Lights book and Mr Skidmore is really awesome.  Something I’m really proud of is getting into the top set of Maths with Mr McNeil.  I have made lots of new friends".

"My first week the Forest was fun and I liked it a lot.  I found the homework quite hard but I enjoyed History with Mr Jordan because he is a nice teacher and I like learning about History.  Making a fruit salad with Mrs Briggs in Food Tech was also lots of fun.  I liked art because I think I’m quite good a drawing and the teachers was very nice too".


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