Years 9 & 12 students join together for Cyber Crime UK Event

8th October 2021

This week students in Years 9 and 12 students joined together to attend a Cyber Crime Seminar and listen to an insightful and interactive session given by Pete C from South East Regional Organised Crime UK. 

The boys learnt about why their age group, 11-14, are so vulnerable and how to think smart about gaming.  As they listened to Pete, the boys took notes and learnt about safety, awareness and a possible new career.

Here's what some of them had to say:

Rashad - "I've really noticed that Cyber Crimes are normally done by people my age or just slightly older.  With the average age for these crimes being 17, it really shows how much danger I can be in if I don't know what I am doing while using the internet."

Umar - "I learnt that CyberCrime is one of the most major crimes in the world.  Teenagers are the most affected by this because they want to 'cheat' and 'mod' to win their games and then get more curious."

Alex - "I have learnt about DDos after limited prior knowledge."

Herne - "Today I have learnt that Cyber Security jobs are in high demand.  I would really like to get a job in technology."

Theo - "I am considering a career in Computer Science and I have learnt that I could also go for a career in CyberCrime solving.  I also now know more about what DDOS is."

Amaan Hussain - "I did not know that people can hack banks, schools, hospitals from really any computer."

Scott - "I have found that there are many more careers in Cyber Security which I am seriously considering."

Jack - "I found out what the difference is between legal and illegal hacking."

Lawrence - "I learned about DDOS today.  I want to know more about careers relating to Cyber Security." 

Adil 9S - "I have learnt the different types of people who commit crimes, from a script kiddie to national states and the different stages of Cyber Crime."

Ruben - "I am really considering a career in Cyber Crime after looking at the stats today."

Simeon - "I didn't realise that 17 is the average age for hacking."

Ewan - "I have learnt that it is not as hard to get into a Cyber Crime career as I thought."

Kydon - "Now I know how dangerous just playing online can be." 

Yaseen - "I have learned that most hackers start under the age of 18 and that Cyber Crimes have happened more often over the last few years than physical crimes."


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