Welcome to the new House System!

16th October 2023

House logos together

We are delighted to have recently launched our new House System and Student Leadership Team to all students. 

Our house system helps to make every student an integral part of The Forest and equally responsible to contribute.  This inclusion and encouragement of participation will help students to try a variety of academic, athletic and extracurricular activities.  House points are awarded for demonstrating positive behaviours, academic achievement and participation in school activities.

House Captains will play a key role in working with staff to lead House assemblies, act as a host at school and community events, design and lead on exciting house events throughout the year, encourage participation in house competitions and events and wear your House Badge with pride so that it is visible to everyone.  Above all a House Captain must be reliable and honest, flexible, responsible, enthusiastic and able to
inspire.  They must at all times be approachable, confident, supportive and respectful of others.

All students were invited to apply for a House Captain position for each house from Years 7-10 and Senior House Captains from Years 11, 12 & 13. 

Applications for these positions close on Tuesday,17th October  and we have been overwhelmed by the number of excellent submissions we have received so far!

We will announce the ‘successful 7’ soon.

Good luck to all involved!!



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