Run, Maddox, run!

4th March 2024

Maddox G5Huge congratulations to Maddox Gillas Y11 who absolutely smashed his 2 day, 65 mile cross country running challenge over half term.

He left the select car leasing stadium at 07:00 on Friday 16th February and ran into Fratton Park with plenty of time to watch the Reading v Portsmouth game at 3pm on Saturday 17th Feb.  Maddox ran the full 65 miles - 40 miles on day one and 25 miles on day two, in a total running time of 12.5 hours (stopping at arranged check points to refuel.) 

He averaged a pace 5.2 miles an hour with an elevation of 1000m/3000 feet (which is the equivalent of running up and down Scafell pike or the Burj khalifa). Maddox G9

Maddox set himself the challenge to raise funds for his World Challenge Expedition to Peru, and as a mad keen RFC fan, to bring awareness to their current plight.  His 65 mile challenge raised £3,884.00 alone but, Maddox has actually managed to raise the full total of the World Challenge trip by doing various things including; working part time in the school holiday's in an office, Djing at local parties, helping at Primary aged football training sessions, saving all birthday and Xmas money for two years and selling his unused items as well as asking all friends and family to take part in the easy fundraising scheme. 

True commitment to the cause, Maddox, an amazing achievement.  Well done!

Maddox G6

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