Maths goes virtual for a STEM day

26th February 2024

Year 8 recently participated in the Virtual Stem Day run by PPMA group of Associations. 5


1During the day, people from PPMA gave speeches about careers related to STEM subjects  followed by two exciting fun-filled activities:

1. Eco Factory Roller Loader: Students worked together in teams to create a marble run, safely moving a product from A to B. This required them to be able to create physical constructions, accurate designs all whilst working to a tight deadline.  

2. BEST Pitch: Students worked as a team to brainstorm and come up with an idea for a new invention or piece of tech, and then
excitedly presented it in front of the whole year group. This involved them using their creative thinking, product design, branding, and presentation skills.  

The day was a great success, it was lovely to see students applying some of the skills that they have required in the classroom, in an industry setting.


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