The sun sets over 6F Induction Day

6th July 2023

Monday 26 June saw the first meeting of The Forest Sixth Form 2023 – 2025.  Whilst those who will be new to the school in September had previously gathered in April to see our unique offer this was the first time our current year 11 students joined them.  It was pleasing to see friendships born in the previous induction day continued and broadened over the course of the morning.6F sunset

Fresh from completing at least 21 GCSE exam papers each, it was probably the first time any had been into school feeling relaxed for a very long time.  The day started in our lecture area where they were introduced to our newly selected senior student team.  It did take the cost of a coffee in our café to persuade the new Head Boy to delay his Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition for a couple of hours.  The economist in me would suggest his benefit was probably a reduced price rail ticket as well as a cup of coffee.  After looking at the number of opportunities we can provide to develop personal skills, from helping improve the reading skills of years 7 and 8 to the
aforementioned Duke of Edinburgh or World Challenge, all set off to find out more about the subjects they wish to study further.

The first stop for a significant number was biology where dissection was on the menu.  Practical applications for all three science subjects are central to the curriculum and the 12 required practicals are never far from the teaching. 

Entrepreneurial zeal was experienced in the business session and in our busy maths groups everyone was able to problem solve freely with scientific calculators at the ready.  No need to worry too much about if an examiner could follow your chain of reasoning, almost the maths equivalent to free running.  PE was another popular area where the commercialisation of sport was analysed.  A smaller, more personal  approach, was available in food, French and travel and tourism.  Imagine planning a food tasting holiday to France where you could order from the local rather than tourist menu.

New subjects like criminology and psychology attracted a keen sense of intrigue and many left both with an enthusiasm to read more into each one.

Many finished the day in an economics session where they completed the simple task of deciding where the Government should spend their tax receipts.  As they established it is a simple task if your resources are infinite but when choices have to be made it is very different.  Some budding politicians yes, Chancellors of the Exchequer possibly not yet.

Between sessions the new year group experienced the delights of the café and were served by our current year 12, already bridging the gap between the year groups.

If anyone is interested in joining us for September and has not already expressed an interest contact to arrange a meeting and tour.  Please be aware though that some courses are very close to being full currently.

Welcome to the new sixth formers (plus those that could not make it this time) and we look forward to working as a single community in September. 
Mr Jackman—Head of Sixth Form


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