Year 8 Geographers hit the beach...

10th July 2023

Last Tuesday, 80 students from Year 8 travelled to Hengistbury Head, Dorset, to apply the knowledge from their current Coasts topic to the real world. Photo 2023 06 27 12 00 24

Students conducted a transect, walking from Mudeford Spit to the car park at Double Dykes.  Along the way, students conducted fieldwork to understand how coastal processes, such as erosion and deposition, had shaped the land and how humans had
attempted to manage the coastline for leisure and recreation. The students were great ambassadors for the school and by all accounts had a blast.

I am still unsure what they preferred the most out of the field sketches, the land train ride or the ice cream stop?! Photo 2023 06 27 11 42 09


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