A record breaking year for The Forest!

25th August 2022




The Forest School is celebrating with its students, staff and parents on the excellent examination series this year. The Forest School is more than just a school; generations of families have been, and continue to be part, of The Forest School as they are celebrating their 2022 GCSE results. This year we have already celebrated sporting firsts - this group of boys brought home the National Elite Cup, we reintroduced events including the Shakespeare festival, published writers visits, and too many successes to note here. 



The results the students have achieved deserve the highest accolade. Some of the highlights compared to provisional national data: 

  • 81% of students achieved 9-4 against boys nationally at 76.7%  

  • 31% of students achieved 9-7 against boys nationally at 22.6%

  • 25% of the students achieved a Grade 7 or above in English against national 23.5%, (no boys data available currently)

  • 32% of the students achieved a Grade 7 or above in Mathematics against  national 24.5%, (no boys data available currently)

  • 74% of the students achieved a Grade 5 or above in English against national 61.1%, (no boys data available currently)

  • 63% of the students achieved a Grade 5 or above in Mathematics against natioanl 56.6%, (no boys data available)

Many students also celebrated the prestigious grade 9 in their results across subjects.  

Shirley Austin, Headteacher at The Forest Academy, said: ”We were delighted last week and the year 11 boys have continued and broken ALL previous records. Their results are the best ever, beating the last two years grades as well. It consolidates the accurate and fair grading over the past two years by Forest Staff. We are incredibly proud of the boys who have been such a fantastic year group. The year group has continually impressed staff with their resilience and perseverance throughout the past five years and especially during the examination series. They simply live and breathe the ASPIRE motto through which, our students will continue to contribute to the local and wider community expanding the knowledge and skills developed at Forest. We are delighted to be able to offer the boys the opportunity to continue to exceed their expectations by joining our prestigious co-educational 6th form where we have more than 30 A level and Vocational courses on offer, in addition to the many girls joining us this year to complete their journey of academic and personal development. We are very proud of our students as they always strive to achieve their best. It has been inspirational to watch our Year 11 students flourish, develop their self-confidence, self-belief, and motivation. These exceptional achievements were also supported by the inspirational teaching, hard work and dedication shown by all of the Forest teaching community. During the pandemic, the teachers demonstrated an unwavering commitment and persistence to provide the best learning opportunities for all students. As a result, this minimised the adverse impact the pandemic was able to have on students, their learning and future pathways. Everyone was already well equipped to use our Google Classroom infrastructure to work on enriched lessons whilst learning from home. I personally can not thank my staff enough for their resilience during that period”

While congratulations are rightly extended to each and every one of the students, the following students attained fantastic results and should be recognised for their outstanding progress, with all of them achieving GCSE grades far better than those predicted by their KS2 grades (which is used in the National Progress measure).

  • Mokarram Muhammad

  • Toby Mawer 

  • Affan Izzadeen 

  • Billy Kench 

  • Ethan Addae 

  • Alex Girnus 

  • Kevin Boadu 

 These exceptional achievements were also supported by the inspirational teaching, hard work and dedication shown by all of the The Forest teaching community.

Ofsted recognises The Forest School as 'Good’ (July 2021) Any GCSE student from the local community who are unsure of their future educational direction, please contact Mr Jackman, and Mrs Beeton where we have briefly reopened our application process following more building work throughout the summer to enable greater capacity. The application route can be found via /383/course-options-and-how-to-apply-to-forest-6

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