Subject Lead/Business and Enterprise Clubs Coordinator Mr A Bobbo
Teacher/Assistant Headteacher Mr S Jackman
Teacher Mr S Mahajan


Our team of specialist teachers delivers courses throughout Key Stages 4 and 5.
Business Studies is a very popular subject amongst our students. Each teacher in the department has a different range of skills, and all have different specialist backgrounds from industry and education.

At Key Stage 4, Business is a very popular subject to choose at GCSE.

At Key Stage 5, Business continues to be very popular.

We offer A level Business and a vocational BTEC Level 3 course in Business where the students are able to further develop their skills.


KS3: There are no courses offered however we encourage all other curriculum areas to relate appropriate subject content to the world of work and enterprise.


At Key Stage 4, Business is very popular to choose at GCSE. The department offers GCSE (Edexcel) Business.  Students in Year 10 & 11 study the engaging business related themes are designed to inspire commercial thinking as our students'  develop their business knowledge. The course investigates a range of size of different businesses from small sole traders to large scale multi-national companies and their impact on the environment and society.

Teachers in the department specialise according to their particular area of strength and interest.


At Key Stage 5, Business continues to be very popular. We offer A level Business and a vocational BTEC Level 3 course in Business. A lot of the students who study in the department go on to study Business related degrees at University.

KS5: the department offers two different courses:

The first course is the A level (AQA) Business course.  The content is designed to engage students through topics and issues that are relevant in today’s society – they will study key contemporary developments such as digital technology and business ethics, and globalisation is also covered throughout the topics.

The second course offered is the BTEC (Edexcel) Business course.  BTECs embody a fundamentally learner-centred approach to the curriculum, with a flexible, unit-based structure and knowledge applied in project-based assessments.The main areas covered in this course include Business Finance, Marketing, a work experience placement course of study and a period of study where the students' explore a full range of different types of business within the economy.

Additional Information

As a department, we aim to convey to students the importance of the wide range of aspects of Business, so that they are able to use the knowledge and skills they acquire in future careers.  


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