Food & Nutrition

Subject Lead Mrs G Briggs

Educating our students in cooking and nutrition is an important life skill that they will carry forward with them well into adulthood.It is our intention to teach them to prepare and cook well-balanced and nutritious meals for themselves and others and to be able to work within a budget.

Many students may choose to pursue one of the many careers within the food industry, whether it is in the health sector, developing new dishes or in the catering and hospitality industry; studying the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course will well-equip them for this.

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Year 7 Cooking and Nutrition course has three key areas of study:

  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Practical food preparation, cooking,
  • Principles of nutrition and healthy eating.

In Year 7 students will make a variety of sweet and savoury dishes.

Each 100 minute lesson of the 12 week rotation will consist of theory and practical elements.


Year 8 Cooking and Nutrition enhances the the elements that were introduced in Year 7 and and introduces the following:

  • Food provenance
  • Functions of ingredients.

Each 100 minute lesson of the 12 week rotation will consist of theory and practical elements.


In Year 9, GCSE Food preparation and nutrition students will study the following areas:

Basics of nutrition, meal planning, and food commodities.

The students complete a practical lesson each week in order to build up their skills in practical food preparation.


In Year 10 students continue to develop their practical skills for their GCSE.
They study the nutritive, sensory and physical properties of ingredients through a theoretical, investigative and practical approach.

In Year 11, students will complete the coursework element of the GCSE. This will be done under controlled conditions in school. There are two pieces of coursework, the first is a food science investigation and the second is a food preparation assessment that culminates in a three hour practical examination.
Theory work covered this year includes food preservation and processing, food safety, meal planning and special diets.

The exam board studied for GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is EDUQAS


We currently do not offer a KS5 in Food Nutrition. 

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