Design Technology

Subject Lead Miss S Allen
Teacher (Food) Mrs G Briggs
Teacher Miss W Lee 

Design and Technology – why is it important in our modern world?

The importance of Design and Technology is all around us. From the moment your alarm clock wakes you, to the first cup of tea, the journey to school or work, the enjoyment derived from leisure activities, Design and Technology is with us from cradle to grave. Whether you wish to follow a career working alongside some of the country’s leading engineers or craftsmen, manage your own business, bring new products to our supermarket shelves, be involved in a major new building development or just learn unique problem solving skills that can be applied to any situation, the study of Design and Technology is a must.

Welcome to our department.

Design and technology is taught in fully equipped and specialised rooms for wood, metals and plastic work alongside a Computer Aided Design and Manufacture suite (CAD-CAM) equipped with the latest in 3D printing and laser cutting facilities.



A varied and wide range of core practical skills and design opportunities, which will challenge and stimulate our young students minds. The projects undertaken include resistant materials - Block-Bots, Polymers - Resin Casting, Textiles - Day of the Dead Boot bag, Metal - Pewter Casting, Electronics - LED Night Light, CAD - Pirate Ship and Stadium and Food. Students will fully develop their understanding and skills in all elements of Product Design ready for GCSE and A Level.


At KS4, Design and Technology courses combine creative flair with technical capability to solve design challenges. The department has also acquired some of the most modern computer aided design and manufacture (CAD CAM) equipment, including a laser cutter, dye sublimation technology and 3D printing technology. All of these can only boost pupils’ enjoyment and lead to the manufacture of very high quality products. Courses require students to submit a Non-Examination Assessment which account for 50% of their final grade. This NEA will focus on using their chosen specialist material. Studying Design and Technology at GCSE opens the door to A’ level studies in the subject, which could lead to careers in engineering, design, publishing and architecture.

KS5 - Product Design

Our exciting and challenging A level course in Product Design gives students the opportunity to explore ideas of originality and value, to question and challenge. The AQA course is divided into two sections of theory: Technical Principles & Designing & Making Principles. Our students will undertake a substantial design and make task and produce a final prototype based on a context and design brief that they have developed themselves. Our experienced and dedicated staff aim to enthuses our future designers with a passion for design.

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