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Music is a universal language, something that we all understand. In every culture, every country, and every background, you will find music. The Forest Music Department embraces music from all genres, and allows pupils the opportunity to explore and engage through Performing, Composing, Listening and Appraising.

The department is well equipped and is located in a shared block with drama. There are 2 large teaching rooms, a dedicated computer room running Sibelius and Cubase, 5 practice rooms and a drum room.

The department encourages all students to participate in lessons, instrumental lessons, extra-curricular ensembles and concerts, regardless of their instrument or experience.


In Year 7, boys are taught the vital building blocks to help them to progress further at The Forest. They learn about the voice, world music, compositional techniques, the history of music and basic music theory all via the medium of performance, composition and listening and appraising.

Year 8 focusses on Jazz Music, World Music, 20th/21st Century Music and Rock and Pop. Boys are encouraged to engage in ensemble playing, composing and arranging music, along with further developing their listening skills.

In Year 9 the boys will have the opportunity to explore Music Technology, writing music for short films and adverts. They will continue to build upon their knowledge of world music and different musical structures, enabling them to be ready for the challenge of GCSE music.


In Year 10 students write their first composition for their GCSE portfolio, study set pieces set by the exam board and perform as soloists and in an ensemble.

In Year 11 students record their GCSE solo and ensemble performances, write a composition in response to a brief set by the exam board and prepare for their listening exam.

GCSE: Edexcel


(We are not offering KS5 at the moment but it is something we would like to offer in the future.)

Studying Music A Level at The Forest enables you to pursue your own musical interests whilst developing skills in performing, composing and appraising. The course has the flexibility for you to specialise in either performing or composing. During lessons you will study three components:

Component 1: Performing 

You will have the chance to perform throughout the year at concerts in our ensembles and as a soloist as well as smaller recitals.

Component 2: Composing 

You will learn composition techniques in lessons including structure, genre, orchestration and harmony.

Component 3: Appraising 

Students will learn about three areas of study through listening and analysing:

  • The Western Classical Tradition – The development of the Symphony
  • A choice between Rock and Pop, Musical Theatre and Jazz
  • A choice between 20th and 21st Century Music


Additional information/extra-curricular opportunities


There is growing interest for music ensembles and we currently run: Music Theory Club (Grade 5 Theory), Jazz Band, Rock Project, Percussion Ensemble, String Quartet.

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