Subject Leader Miss S Olaya
Teacher Mrs A Fisher
Teacher Miss F Kamdom Chagom
Teacher Ms S Laine


Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department. We are a successful department, teaching French and Spanish. Our team comprises of 3 language teachers. The MFL classrooms are all equipped with Interactive TV screens, and the department invests in ICT resources for use in school and at home.

The numbers of students choosing to take French and Spanish are growing steadily and, together with EAL, we support students studying privately to gain qualifications in their home languages. In the Sixth Form we have students studying Spanish at A Level.



From September 2022 students will study French and Spanish in Year 7 and then specialise in a selected language in Year 8 and 9.




The GCSE in Modern Foreign Languages is divided in four skills as follows:

1.      Listening – 25%

2.      Reading – 25%

3.      Writing – 25%

4.      Speaking – 25%

There is no coursework/controlled assessment and all skills are examined at the end of Year11 –

Languages teaching will follow the GCSE examinations in the following ways:

Understanding written instructions  in French/Spanish

The ability to ‘translate’ small passages of English into French/Spanish and vice versa

More use of ‘authentic’ materials from France/Spain including popular music and literature as well as newspaper articles

More independence in writing & speaking in French/Spanish without reference materials and the skills required to ‘recall’ important language to use in both of these examination areas

Techniques to depend less on dictionaries and to have a better vocabulary recall.


In Years 12 and 13, students currently study A level Spanish. Students enjoy small classes and a great deal of individual support from their teachers. There is the opportunity to follow the A Level course in French too.

We follow the AQA course and students develop their language skills through discussions and research on various cultural topics.

Year 12 students are encouraged to participate in a Sixth Form Exchange Programme. This is an ideal opportunity to visit and work in a foreign country and to spend time with other linguists of their own age.

Other useful info

All pupils are given the opportunity to visit France in Years 7 and 8.

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