Subject Lead/Head of Humanities  Mrs A Jarman
Teacher Miss E Stretton
Teacher  Mr N Thompson
Teacher Mrs H Wootton

"Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future" - Michael Palin

Geography at The Forest provides a key insight into the world around us. Focusing on both Human and Physical themes we seek to examine, interpret and explain the ever changing world around us. Our aim is to provide our students with the skills to enable them to form their own unique view on the world, underpinned by clear and consistent evidence.



In Year 7 students study Map Skills and begin to investigate our local environment. We progress to looking at Rivers and Coastal Geomorphology. In Year 7 students visit Hengistbury Head to examine coastal processes.

In Year 8 students examine the impacts of Natural Hazards and the influence of Globalisation. In Year 8 we visit Cheddar Gorge to look at how Limestone landscapes form, and continue to influence the environment.

Year 9 students students being to think more critically about LIC's and NEE's.


Year 10 students investigate Urban issues across the world and the wider impacts of Natural Hazards.

Year 11 students evaluate the Changing Economic World and undertake fieldwork activities. 

Forest students study GCSE through the  AQA exam board (8035)



In Year 12 students study: Globalisation; Regenerating Places; Tectonic processes and Hazards; Coastal Processes and Change.  At A level we follow the EdExcel Geography syllabus.

In Year 13 students study: Superpowers; Migration, Identity and Sovereignty; The Water Cycle and water insecurity; The Carbon Cycle and energy security  

Students study Geography A Level through EdExcel

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Fieldwork is essential in contextualising learning, and we believe this is fundamental to our students understanding of geography.

At GCSE we change our fieldwork depending on the demands of the topic, however we have visited coastal sites in recent years, as well as local fieldwork.

At A Level there is a four day fieldwork course which leads to the completion of an individual study.

A Bi-annual trip to Iceland is run by the department and continues to enthral students with its magnificent landscape and stunning scenery. 

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