GCSE Results 2020

20th August 2020


The Forest School students are celebrating their 2020 GCSE results. 

Shirley Austin, Headteacher said, “This year has been highly unusual, following on from the uncertainty of A Level results we are delighted that our students have clarity, well judged and accurate grades, derived from our centre assessed grades. We followed a robust procedure and ensured every grade was quality assured. 

Our results are reflective of the hard work and effort that our 2020 Year 11s put into their studies throughout their time at The Forest. The school ethos of ASPIRE (aspire, safe, prepared, independent, respectful and excellent) is embedded into our school culture. I am delighted that my staff have based the results on data from lessons, attitude to learning, mocks, homework and tests from students' work to create the accurate CAG result.  

We are very proud of their efforts, determination and growth mindset. We continually look to improve our teaching and learning outcomes and during the last three years my team and we have made significant improvements; this is reflected in the rapid progress over the past few years. Through extended lessons, excellent teaching and learning opportunities and our enhanced monitoring and evaluation of students progress, Forest students have definitely flourished. We are of course delighted that Ofqual and the government have reversed the decision to use an algorithm to determine grades and have instead taken into account our centre assessed grades, as our tracking is robust and designed to ensure each student has the best outcomes for them. 

Congratulations to the whole year group, they are a fantastic group of students; we will be delighted to welcome so many back in September into Forest’s successful sixth form to study one of the twenty four A Level and Vocational courses we offer. We are in school today supporting any queries after the results were sent electronically at 8am.

For those that are unsure of their future educational direction, please speak with Mrs Collins, Head of Sixth Form, or for Careers Advice and Guidance speak with Mrs Lewington, 

Special congratulations to the following students, all of which have an average of  7 or above (A*/A) in every subject

Alexander Ayton

Kai Allsopp

Mohammed Multazim Aripin

Ethan Lac

Daniel Bauge

Michael Das

Cillian Manning

Haroon Zabair

Joshua Brooker

James Knight

Theo Phillips

James Robert

Miraj Choudhury

Felix Maidens

Alex Routledge

Niall Peter

Omar Alkateb

Christopher McAllister

Freddie Anderson

Joe Savory

Ben Hooper

Samuel Blaker

Huge celebrations to the Maidens household with older brother Dylan achieving 3 A* at A level last week! 

During the summer the school has undertaken significant upgrades to the site including the construction of a new Air Dome and 3G Football pitch, a new Food Technology suite, painting and refurbishing our popular Sports Hall. We also have funding to refurbish our aging English block replacing that door which featured in the Channel 4 documentary last August! We can’t wait to get started! 

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