Our House System

Which House are you in?

There are seven Houses at The Forest. Their names are all related to large forests in England.

Ashdown, Bramshill, Kielder, Langdale, New, Sherwood and Windsor

HousesEvery student in the school is assigned to a House; in Years 7 to 11.

The House system is an integral part of school life at The Forest providing opportunities for our students to engage in a wide range of activities in which they can experience friendly competition and rivalry. 

Commendations constitute ASPIRE House Points and recognised individually and as a House in Celebration assemblies at the end of each term.

Bonus House points are awarded for the following:

  • Outstanding punctuality
  • Attendance above the school’s 96% target
  • 100% Attendance
  • Zero discredits
  • Working at or exceeding academic target grades

Competitions are provided for the boys to experience camaraderie and a sense of belonging to their House and school. It provides practice in the important life skills of managing “success with humility and defeat with dignity.”

Showcase events include:

  • Year 7 Shakespeare House Festival
  • Year 7 Music ‘Sing-off’ House competition
  • All Years - House Debating Club
  • All Years - House Football Tournament 
  • All Years - House Rugby Festival
  • All Years - House X Country Event
  • Years 7 to 10 - House Swimming Gala
  • Years 7 to 10 - House Athletics and Sports Day

The House events in blue have a 100% participation rate with equally weighted duel competitions for the more able students and for those who are developing towards these levels. Students who are injured or unwell on the day fulfil one of the following roles to ensure they do not miss out on the engagement opportunity, camaraderie or the chance to represent their House: Marshall, officiator, scorer, or coach.

All House competitions are positively celebrated at the end of each term in our Holistic ‘Celebration Assemblies’ with student voice from team captains and awards for the House with:

  • Highest attendance
  • Least discredits
  • Most ASPIRE reward points
  • House Competition placement






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