Subject Lead Miss C Thornton

The BTEC course consists of two internal and two external exams, with an option to retake the latter if necessary.  The content is varied and broad.  In Year 12 students look at the law-making process, non-fatal offences and tort law.  In Year 13 learners develop their knowledge of criminal law studying fatal offences, property offences, police powers and general defences.  In addition to this they investigate Family Law.  


In Year 12 students learn about the English Legal System, such as how the courts are structured and the role of legal personnel. They then study Law Making which focuses on the different methods in the process in making laws, for example the roles of Parliament and the judiciary. They will also learn about Criminal Law, including fatal and non-fatal offences against the person. In addition, they start to gain an understanding of the principles of Tort Law.

In Year 13 students further develop their understanding of Tort Law, in particular liability and negligence. They then go on to study the rules and theory of Contract Law, a compulsory unit in most Law Degree courses. They complete the year with a synoptic paper of the Nature of Law, which includes concepts such as the relationship between the Law and technology, justice and morals. 

Additional information/ related activities

Students study the A Level OCR course

Students are encouraged to visit both the Magistrate and Crown Courts in Reading. They are free and students will gain an understanding of the how the courts operate on a daily basis.

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