As The Forest School Headteacher, I am delighted with the outstanding results students and staff have produced. I will continue to drive standards beyond national averages at The Forest School. My ambition is to ensure The Forest School provides an exceptional inclusive education for every pupil. I continue to work with staff, pupils and parents...
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  • @ForestWinnersh - 23 Feb 2021

    We are at nearly 100 entries for the virtual XC which is fab 👏 don’t forget the terrain must be grass or similar (not pavement / road) and make sure to submit your result in the google form - deadline this Sunday 28th Feb! 🏃#crosscountry https://t.co/tzO8rfgDBr
  • @ForestWinnersh - 22 Feb 2021

    A great opportunity for all aspiring rugby players! Direct message for more details! https://t.co/W4lIE3m7ye
  • Image from Twitter account

    @ForestWinnersh - 18 Feb 2021

    https://t.co/3uS5nJNPSi RAMS TO STRENGTHEN ACADEMY LINK WITH https://t.co/E3AeCXwOpe
  • @ForestWinnersh - 17 Feb 2021

    All Year 12/13 thinking about journalism should look into this https://t.co/ydDb8R3wEk
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    @ForestWinnersh - 15 Feb 2021

    With only two weeks away, make sure you don't miss out on our series of Facebook Live events starting on 3rd March. 👍 getting into the NHS 👍 apprenticeships 👍 routes into nursing https://t.co/YKJDgiFVlP https://t.co/ZdU398IdeS
  • @ForestWinnersh - 12 Feb 2021

    Doing A level Maths in Year 13? thought about becoming an Actuary? Look at this alternative to full time university https://t.co/bwRrQhTybD
  • @ForestWinnersh - 12 Feb 2021

    Good luck to former pupil Mr Robertson in your teaching career! https://t.co/5ruJtqYIYE
  • @ForestWinnersh - 11 Feb 2021

    Great work Forest boys! https://t.co/im2JejqoYn
  • @ForestWinnersh - 9 Feb 2021

    World Book Day is a celebration of reading for pleasure, authors, illustrators and bookworms! We are all looking forward to taking part in the World Book Day festivities on the 4th of March! Forest Students, click this link to get your £1 Book Token: https://t.co/xfWpT8nopr
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    @ForestWinnersh - 9 Feb 2021

    Our line-up of £1 books for 2021 is a fantastic range for all ages to choose from, FREE with your £1 book token. Here’s our official launch trailer: an exclusive first look at the upcoming new books, and some very exciting campaign plans for , on 4th March 2021📚  https://t.co/aAXAVedrBB
  • @ForestWinnersh - 9 Feb 2021

    The Berkshire Schools Virtual Cross Country Championships is now live! All info has been emailed to Berkshire Schools as well as on Berks website: https://t.co/rwVfuk4Hku We look forwards to receiving you entries! 🏃‍♀️🏃
  • Image from Twitter account

    @ForestWinnersh - 9 Feb 2021

    Why ?🤔 -The barriers young people face now are unprecedented. Why not equip them w/skills in growing sectors? -With Govt policy supporting greener practices, many industries are improving pre-Covid-19 practice -Young people care about Green issues Join us! https://t.co/PJYh16YHJ8
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