As The Forest School Headteacher, I am delighted with the outstanding results students and staff have produced. I will continue to drive standards beyond national averages at The Forest School. My ambition is to ensure The Forest School provides an exceptional inclusive education for every pupil. I continue to work with staff, pupils and parents...
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    @ForestWinnersh - 14 Jul 2022

    Nepal 2022 World Challenge Update... All arrived safely 👍now onto the good stuff: visiting a Monkey Temple ⛩ in Katmandu and partway up a 2 day trek in Chisapani. We are feeling the heat with you boys! https://t.co/ogNYvQdUCw
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    @ForestWinnersh - 14 Jul 2022

    The scene is set, final rehearsals, last minute nerves and the weather is glorious!😎 Bring on the Bard! https://t.co/QkfaFOlKSd
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    @ForestWinnersh - 24 Jun 2022

    As we continue to support students joining us from Ukraine, and those feeling the effect from the cost of living, please donate your pre-loved uniform to school. We would welcome any item of any size from the uniform list. Thank you, your donation will mean the world to others. https://t.co/GsvdaGD2nu
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    @ForestWinnersh - 15 Jun 2022

    This week saw our Year 9 DofE students complete their final 2 day expedition for their Bronze award. Definitely great timing with the weather boys!🏕️ https://t.co/GIUR55eX78
  • @ForestWinnersh - 19 May 2022

    We are so proud of our Year 10 student Alassane Wone who, against stiff competition from 5 other schools and Sixth Formers, was recently voted Deputy Youth MP for Wokingham. Read his impassioned speech here... https://t.co/1nvZ8F0pCk
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    @ForestWinnersh - 19 May 2022

    📚 Today, students in Year 7 have been expressing their love for Literature by creating board games based on their favourite books! 📚 https://t.co/SkqyFhCJti
  • @ForestWinnersh - 9 May 2022

    Oh wow, they did it! 🤩 1-2 to Forest ⚽️⚽
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    @ForestWinnersh - 9 May 2022

    Today our Year 11 Football Team and Year 10 supporters have travelled to Stoke for the English Schools Football Association National Cup Final. We're ready for kick off - C'mon Forest!!!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️ https://t.co/Sykd6NQCNz
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    @ForestWinnersh - 5 Apr 2022

    As part of World Autism Awareness Week, musicians traveled to Manor Green School to celebrate Inclusion through music. We had a phenomenal day finishing with a Samba procession through the school and signing a Makaton song on the playground with the entire school! https://t.co/ebrr4Qbu7o
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    @ForestWinnersh - 16 Mar 2022

    Year 7 students enjoyed a virtual author visit with Taran Matharu. He spoke to students about the relationship between reading and writing and shared his insights into developing characters and being creative. Thank you, Taran, for inspiring Forest's budding novelists. 📚 https://t.co/TL8kqc6fm5
  • @ForestWinnersh - 16 Mar 2022

    Another Forest success story😊 Former sixth form student Jordan Brown is volunteering his time throughout the spring term to help pupils in the science department. Click this link to read more https://t.co/rqdQqB9bWV
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    @ForestWinnersh - 9 Mar 2022

    In computer science we are celebrating Ada Lovelace’s efforts and early programming language linked with the analytical engine. The engine, she said, “weaves algebraic patterns, just as the Jacquard-loom weaves flowers and leaves”. Forest recognises International Women's Day https://t.co/JGYG6AcEQ0
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