Chromebooks at The Forest School

We are delighted to use Chromebooks at The Forest School.

The Forest School has successfully introduced the Chromebook into the classroom developing the use of Google and Google classroom as well as enhancing the use of digital learning resources to support rapid progress for all our students. All Year 7s should be equipped with our nominated Chromebook device. 

Chromebook BYOD (buy-your-own-device)

We have worked with our students to select a device that will be used across the school. This has been selected on the basis of cost and durability. The selected device is the Asus C204 (without touchscreen).

There are several purchase options available. Including:

  1. A one off payment - £317.25
  2. Monthly payments over 1 years - £29.50
  3. Monthly payments over 2 years - £15.00
  4. Monthly payments over 3 years - £10.50

Please note that the ordering portal is currently closed, however if you are interested in ordering a device please contact Mrs Cummings via

Foe more information about the Chromebook please download the the Parent Chromebook Handbook HERE


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