Subject Lead Mr P Hillen
Teacher Miss R Hindle

The Science department believes that all students should be provided with a balanced Science education, which is both stimulating and enjoyable, and leads to an excellent knowledge and understanding of Science. This will enable the students to cope with life in a modern technological society. It will also give them on understanding of the problems in the world, and how science can be used to help solve them.

We believe in encouraging the natural curiosity of students, and endeavour to provide equal opportunities and an enriching education for students of all abilities. A "hands on" philosophy is engrained in our culture through investigative learning and extensive extra-curricular activities.

There are ten well-resourced purpose built Science laboratories.


The topics studied in Year 7 are an Introductory module, nutrition and diet, solids, liquids and gases, cells and organisation, water and solutions, Earth and Space

In Year 8 student study 6 topics: Forces, Reproduction, Earth Science, Human body, Elements, mixtures and compounds and Electricity and electromagnetism.

In Year 9 students are in sets and follow the Separate Science course. The 4 topics studied are Healthy living, Cells and osmosis, Disease, Ecology. Each topic has an end of module test and there is an end of year exam.


In Year 10 students learn about energy stores and energy transfers, Forces and motion and Electrical Circuits.

In Year 11 exam electricity in the home, Magnetic fields, Electromagnetism, Radioactivity, Atomic structure and Space.

AQA GCSE Physics 8463 


Year 12 students study: Foundations of Physics, Kinematics and Dynamics, Work energy and power, Understanding materials, Waves, Electricity, Quantum Physics, Capacitors,

Year 13 study: Electric fields, Gravitational fields, Magnetic fields, The universe, Simple Harmonic Motion, Cosmology, Gas laws, Particle Physics, Thermal Physics, Medical Physics.

OCR A level Physics H556

In addition to work in school students have the option to attend Y12 &13 evening lectures at Royal Holloway University of London - 4 per year.  Particle Physics Masterclass at RHUL. Engineering taster day Wellington College, 4/5 day Summer holiday Engineering courses at various Universities according to preference.


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