School Policies & Legal Documents

Our policies cover a wide range of issues and are regularly reviewed. If you have trouble finding the policy you need please contact us here.

Policy Name

Policy Information

Absence and Attendance

Accessibility This document is currently under review


Admissions 2017 18

Admissions 2018 19        

Admissions 2019 - 2020       


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BTEC Policy

Charging & Remissions  
Combatting Extremism  Statement on the Duty to Combat Extremism
Complaints (Governors)  


Citizenship & PSHEE, Collective Act of Worship, Curriculum & Religious Worship (complaints), Enterprise, Exams - Controlled Assessments (GCSE) & Coursework Appeals, Extra-curricular activities, Literacy - Library, Numeracy, Sex & Relationships, Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural, Work Related Learning 
Data Protection Freedom of Information and Fairness of Process are currenlty under review. Privacy Notices; Staff & Pupil.
Equal Opportunities Currently under review
GDPR Data Protection  
Health & Safety  
IT Policies - eSafety (for pupils and staff), 'Bring Your Own Device' scheme for pupils, Remote Access
Medical Conditions Administration of Medicine  

Pupil Policies

Anti-bullying, Drugs, Exclusions (including managed moves), Homework, Uniform
Recruitment of Ex Offenders  
Safeguarding & Child Protection  
School Travel Plan  
Security Storage DBS Information  




Rules & Expectations

All pupils must meet the expectations of the pupil charter. Pupils who do this will be rewarded whilst any who do not will be put on a behaviour stage.
To help us all achieve this pupils must follow the Classroom Code of Conduct for all lessons:

  • Stand in silence until told to sit down
  • Put your equipment on the desk
  • Put your bag on the floor
  • Keep all electronic devices in bags
  • Listen
  • Follow instructions first time, every time
  • Respect all adults

In addition to this there are some specific rules:


Sanction for breaking the rule

Wear the correct uniform (see here)

* Provided with the correct uniform for a day

* Sent home until uniform is corrected

Bring the correct equipment Subject discredit
Be on time Academic discredit
Do all homework Academic discredit
Do all work to the best of ability Repeat the work
No phones or other gadgets inside Confiscated and collected by parents
No sugary drinks Confiscated
No smoking Sent home