• Independent Careers Services & Resources

As well as careers events and lessons, the school employs Adviza (formerly Connexions Berkshire) to provide independent careers services.  All Forest pupils can contact Adviza by phone, email, visit a local centre or use their  web chatline - check out their web site for details or download here. Click here for info on courses, jobs, links to other web sites and lots of tips. We can organise one-to-one sessions at school with a Careers Advisor for pupils who need further support.

The National Careers Service provides FREE and independent advice and info. It also has an 'Aged 13-16' section. Check out your skills, build a CV, find a course, look at funding, see job profiles to see what qualifications you would need, and look at the job market in your area. A frequently asked questions section explains the choices open to you when you leave school. Click here to find out  more.

Aged 16-24? Elevate Me Wokingham is a new FREE 'one stop shop' advice service, and is based in Wokingham Library - location here. It includes Adviza/ Wokingham Job Support/ National Careers Service/ Job Centre Plus, Optalis and a Young Person's Housing Officer. For info and opening times - click here.

Want to look into your own skills and strengths  and see what opportunities you might consider? We provide you with free access to Fast Tomato (a useful careers planner) and to eCLIPS (a careers resource containing hundreds of video clips and info on different careers, average salaries and qualifications etc). Ask your tutor for your password if you have forgotten it. The eCLIPS password is also available on the careers noticeboard in the ground floor main corridor.

  • Developing your skills

Stand out from the Crowd

You don't need a gold plated CV, but do take tips from sites like www.allaboutcareers.com on how to be noticed by employers. Read more here. For a good range of sample CVs, check out the University of Kent's web site here. It provides lots of guidance and helpful tips.

Wow in Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are like the blind audition round of The Voice. If the interviewer likes what they hear, they’ll turn their chair round and meet you. Key tips .... Research the company. Know what they do, who their competitors are, and what makes them different. Know your own 'brand'. What are your skills and attributes? Do you have the qualities needed for the job? What evidence do you have? Be prepared. Sit at a desk in a quiet room. Have your CV and notebook for reference and important details. It's not just what you say but how you say it. Sound enthusiastic, show genuine interest in the role and company. Keep your speech slow. Final tip? Smile - people can sense it across the phone. For a longer version of this, videos, tips on leaving school, CVs ... click on this link www.allaboutcareers.com.

  • College Info & Events

Open Events Every year, local colleges hold open days/ evenings and taster events where you can see (and in some cases try out) the courses available.  Dates are shown on the left.


APPLY EARLY for courses – the popular ones fill up very quickly!                                                                     Apply for college courses to keep your options open, even if it’s not your first choice.                                   Apply on college websites, or on their application form.                                                                                   You can apply for more than one college.                                                                                                             You will not be committed - you change your mind later.

  • University Info & Events

UCAS TO ACCEPT EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES The UCAS university admissions system is changing its rules to allow UK students to apply to European universities. Read more on the BBC News web site here.

CHECK OUT UNIVERSITIES BEFORE YOU DECIDE where or which course to study. Search the web sites of universities you are interested in for their taster days/ events, or click here for a general search (Note: this site may not be comprehensive).

CHURCHILL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE - Offers were made to those scoring on average 94% UMS, with a shortage of applicants in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Classics, English, Geography, Linguistics, Modern & Medieval Languages, Psychology & Behavioural Sciences and Philosophy. Click here for Open Days.

  • Careers in the News

Will lack of 'soft skills' hold you back?

A new campaign by employers says that communication, interacting with customers, showing initiative and good time management are "essential skills" for employees and of great economic value. They fear that "unless such skills are improved, over half a million UK workers will be 'significantly held back' in their job opportunities by the end of the decade." Read more here.

Top Ten degree courses by lifetime salary -The Telegraph has published a list of the top ten degree courses by average lifetime salary. Click here to read more.

Top Ten recession proof degree subjects -Ten degree subjects that are keeping graduates in work. Click here to read more.

  • Events & Advice by Subject


Want to run your own business or find out more about how to be an entrepreneur? The Peter Jones Academy may be for you. It runs a range of Level 2- 5 courses in understanding entrepreneurship and business innovation and growth, including BTecs and apprenticeships. Find out more here. Your nearest Academy is at Amersham.

STEM Courses

The Smallpeice Trust organises courses across the UK. They often involve well-known employers /universities eg National Grid, and are open to Years 9-12. There is a cost for most courses (e.g. £95-£275) but it often includes residential and food costs. Free courses and bursaries available. Examples: Marine Technology/ Electronics with Cyber Security/ Renewable Energy/ Mining & Minerals/ Railway Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering/ High Speed Communications etc. To find out more click here.

Want a career in medicine or related subjects?

Applying to medical school - useful resources here.

Various organisations run conferences on medicine and related subjects, but you usually have to pay for them, and some may involve you staying the night. They usually include:

  • Career pathways into medicine & different specialities
  • The university application process
  • Tour of hospital

Medlink at the University of Nottingham includes: medicine, chemistry, veterinary science, physiotherapy & dentistry. More info here about these courses & fees.

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital,  2places available aimed at Year 11 & Year 12 students considering careers in medicine.  Note: Applications are only accepted with a supporting letter from  the school. For further info contact courses@rnoh.nhs.uk or Tel 020 8909 5326

EPOC - 1 day events for Years 11/12 at various locations on 'Becoming a Doctor'. Details, costs and booking at www.epoc.org.uk

PreMed - 1 day courses at Imperial College, London. Details, costs and booking at www.premed.org.uk

Want to be a vet /study veterinary sciences?

Find out more about the Royal Veterinary College courses in veterinary medicine, biological sciences and veterinary nursing -  click here.

Want to be a lawyer?

EPOC - 1 day events for Years 11/12 at various locations on 'Becoming a Lawyer'. Details, costs and booking at www.epoc.organise.uk .
PreLaw- 1 day courses at University College London (UCL). Details, costs and booking at www.prelaw.org.uk