Extra Curricular Clubs & Activities

We run all different kinds of clubs and extra curricular activities for you to enjoy  They may take place before, during or after the school day.  Please speak with your form tutor or Head of Year for current club availability and to join up.

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NB: During the school year teachers will run additional intervention and revision sessions for those students taking exams in May and June. This may restrict some of the extra curricular activities but you will be notified should this affect your club.

External Clubs

Can't see anything that interests you? The Council's web site advertises:

Sports, arts and leisure activities here. 

Enrichment and Engagement Pastoral Activities

Here at The Forest School students are encouraged to participate in a range of extra curricular opportunities. Those opportunities range from the school clubs we run to the Sports Leaders programme, the Ambassadors programme and much more. 

By tracking this engagement we are better able to see further opportunities to engage students within this aspect of school life. Please click here to view an example of Eye in the Sky



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